Emergency Contacts

Emergencies - What Do I Do?
In buildings and complexes, there is some confusion as to what to do in case of certain emergencies. The following is a guideline which aims to assist and resolve this matter, especially when the Caretaker and / or agent cannot be reached.
  1. If possible and not dangerous to you / your family, extinguish the flames.
  2. If not possible or in danger, phone the fire brigade whilst evacuating to a place of safety as soon as possible.
  3. Inform the Caretaker and ensure that someone is at the gate to open the gate and guide the fire brigade to the fire.
Medical emergencies:
  1. Depending on the emergency, contact a medical emergencies service provider or rush to the nearest hospital.
Emergencies within your unit, i.e. blocked drains, leaking taps etc:
  1. Contact the rental agent.
  2. Obtain the services of one of the contractors on page 2.
Geyser problems i.e. leaking, not heating the water etc:
  1. Contact the rental agent.
  2. Make use of one of the contractors on the Contractors List attached - if the geyser needs to be replaced it will most probably be an insurance claim.
Common property problems i.e. blocked drains, running water, blown globes, gate(s) not working:
  1. Contact the Caretaker.
  2. If the Caretaker could not be reached and it is an emergency of a severe nature, obtain the services of a contractor on the Contractors List on page 2.
Crime incidents i.e. domestic violence, theft, burglary, stolen vehicles etc:
  1. Phone the SAPS / report the case at the SAPS and obtain a case number.
  2. Provide the Caretaker with the details.
Vehicle accidents on the Common Property:
  1. If any injuries / fatalities, first contact emergency medical services.
  2. Contact the Caretaker and:
  3. If possible, obtain the vehicle registration number and details (type, model, colour) and driver’s details.
  4. Report the case at the SAPS and obtain a case number.
  5. Provide the Caretaker with the details.
In the event that your building / complex do not have a Caretaker, proceed to the next step(s) as indicated above.

Emergencies and Contractors List
Fire Brigade - 10177 / 0123586300 / 0123106400 / 0123589999
City of Tshwane General - 0123589999
Emergency Medical Services - 10177 / 0123589999
SAPS - 10111
Tshwane Metro Police - 0123587244 / 0123587114
General Plumbers
CK Plumbers:
  • Christo Kruger - 082 410 1430
Security fence, alarm system, security gates etc:
TJ Fire:
  • Tjaart - 082 823 8130
  • Hennie - 079 317 8422
Electrical maintenance:
  • Ronel - 083 227 3809
General maintenance:
DJM Construction:
  • Office - 012 400 8655
  • Heidi - 081 802 8042
  • Michelle - 076 648 2666